Ariana S.
The lobster tacos were tasty and had a good flavor. The shrimp and grits were super delish. I loved the taste of the savory bell peppers and the piece of tilapia was expertly seasoned. I enjoyed the fact it was seasoned but not salty. It allowed me to add salt to my liking and I am definitely ordering again.
Josh Hardin
Wonderful spot ! Great food great portions great selection great value!
Jannette W.
We just got our order and it is delicious...ya'll put your foot, leg nd kneecaps all up in it. Thank you and we'll see you real soon. Order came b4 time it was and came in a bag. Authentic
jamaela j.
There is a variety of food to choose from we have regular customers that come in on a day-to-day basis try something new each time you come in you'll definitely be satisfied
Vduzen Tha Bad Cuzzin
Great selection with a wide variety of food offered on the menu. Definitely a new spot and a gem of a find on Marysville boulevard... Highly recommend this new place!
Dominique H.
. Get there and get you some. From the loaded baked potatoes to the BBQ, she don't let down. My new fav lunch spot forsure
Andre P.
Very solid spot. I was looking for food on doordash when I saw that this new place popped up. Despite the few reviews I saw I took a chance and it was surprisingly great. Wings were large, crunchy, and juicy. Fries were still crispy. Abs I had egg rolls which albeit simple veggie ones, they give you so much for the price! For a filling meal with great value this place is a hit
Kevin M.
I found this spot browsing doordash. I gather they're new, and small. I hope they prosper. The food is well prepared and reminiscent of the soul kitchen grills I grew up with. Just yummy and comforting. If you want a bargain, this is the place. Low prices and generous portions. This is the best guilty pleasure chili cheese dog in town.
Ben L.
Tried this new spot to see what it all about. Didn't know what I wanted but saw BLT on the menu so I ordered that. I have this thing with BLTs where even if it's not what I wanted, I order it if it's on the menu. Why? Because it's a simple sandwich. 4 components to it; bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon. You can't hide behind presentation, sauces, other ingredients. And if a restaurant can't nail down a simple sandwich, I don't even want to try anything else off the menu. My sandwich? Multigrain bread was toasted nicely with a little butter for added flavor. Lettuce was crisp and not soaking wet. Many places forget drying off their washed lettuce and that makes the bread soggy and nobody likes a soggy BLT. Tomato was fresh. Bacon was crisp but not burnt. A lot of restaurants overcook their bacon or use cook so much that it sits under a heat lamp and it becomes chewy. Overall, they nail it. It may be a basic sandwich but I've been to franchised restaurants that can't do the basics right. So J Spot will be seeing me again to try some of their other offerings.